Heros Happen Here? SQL 2008 launch...

I'm headed out to LA today for the Windows/SQL/VS 2008 launch event, and have lots of tech stuff in my head to wonder about, but I keep amusing myself with the theme of this event:

Heros Happen Here. "Celebrating and Inspiring Customer Heroes"

I really don't know what to expect. Are we going to get to meet the guy that saved the company from impending doom at 3AM (again)? How about the SQL developer from Redmond that found a last minute bug in some cool new feature?

Or will there be speeches from real heroes, such as people who have saved lives, or invented new nedical technologies?

Worst thought: At the SQL 2005 launch ("Rock the Launch"), there were celebrity impersonators all over the place...Cher, Tina Turner, Britnney "Pre-crack-up" Spears...

Please don't tell me we are going to have hired actors walking around dressed like Police, soldiers, firemen and EMTs...

I'll report back what Microsoft calls a hero when/if I figure it out :)

If you're there, look for me....I'll be the middle-aged, balding guy with a gut, a goatee, a laptop and two phones. That oughta narrow it down for you!


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