SSIS subsystem failed to load

Customer's weekly maintenance plan failed to run:

...Maintenance Plan,Subplan,,Unable to start execution of step 1 (reason: The SSIS subsystem failed to load [see the SQLAGENT.OUT file for details]; The job has been suspended). The step failed

SQL 2005, RTM, 2 node single instance cluster on Windows 2003

Lots of checking later, the problem turned out to be very simple:

Install SSIS on the node it was failing on.



SQL 2005 Performance

Got a call on a new SQL 2005 install (RTM), with pegged CPUs. All 4 running at 100%. Task manager says we are using 1.6 GB of our 8GB RAM. Database is 1.5GB, so I figure that's pretty close.


Anyone want to guess what the final issue turned out to be after a total of 8 hours of troubleshooting by 3 different people?

Answer tomorrow...post your guess as a comment...

No winner today (i.e. no comments)....AWE option wasn't selected.

Hi folks....sorry no update recently. I've changed jobs from Microsoft PSS (contract) to somewhere else I can't name :D

I am still in SQL Server support, but have moved up a notch on the food chain. I now take only the more complex issues that the front-line crew can't sort out fairly quickly. All versions, all issues, which is going to be a challenge, since I've not supported SQL 2005 yet.

Wish me luck!