Old stuff can still work...

Got called to a "server down" the other day. SQL 7.0, running on Windows NT 4.0, on a dual PII 333 server maxed out at 1GB RAM.

Seems that the SQL Server for some reason was extremely slow. Customer thought disk space was an issue, but he had over a gig free and wan't autogrowing.

Ran sp_updatestats, which took over an hour on 12gb of data.

Looked into task manager....found SQL Server only using 50MB of RAM.

As it turns out, Microsoft Message Queue was taking over 800MB of the 1GB of memory. Whoops.

Solution (3 hours later): Purge the MSMQ journal.

SQL Server is now flying.

You want fries with that?



SQL 2000 cluster with Veritas Volume Manager

Ran into an issue yesterday where the RTM SQL 2000 install on a Windows 2003 cluster would freeze or hang between the IP addresss entry and the Disk Selection screens. No error...just hang.

Looked in Cluster Admin and found that the SQL group was named "data" and the disk resource was named "data"

We changed the disk resource to "data1" and everything was fine after that.

Not sure if the Veritas Volume manager software had anything to do with it, but it did present some issues earlier in the install.

Takeaway: Name your SQL Group something obvious, like "SQL Group" or "SQL2000"