So SQL 2008 went RTM yesterday...cool.

Now, to dig in and see what (if any) of the really cool new features moved to the standard version instead of Enterprise. Or even stuff from 2005 moving into standard...

Post a comment if you already have the list :)

OK...here we go:
Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2008

Backup compression: Enterprise only. No thanks, I'd rather buy Litespeed or Red Gaet SQL Backup than pay this premium :(

Encryption: Enterprise only (TDE and Data Compression): Great feature, easier to use, worth the expense for some companies/industries

Resource Governor: EE only...cool feature, but I wonder how often it will get used in practice

Database Mirroring: Yes (safety full only) in Standard edition

Auditing: EE only. Someone is going to blow performance out the door by auditing everything...be judicious here folks!

Capacity Specifications for SQL 2008 objects:

Maximum Number of Processors Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2008

A Processor is still defined as a socket here, so 4 quad cores gives you a SE SQL Server with 16 CPUs.

Memory Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2008
Workgroup edition got a 1gb bump here

And my favorite feature thus far is still the very configurable installer. I install at least 1 SQL Server per week and despise having to physically move the system databases and set the default locations after he install for the user dbs. There are (too?) many options in this installer that were simply not available pre-2008. Rockin'

So, there's some links and my take on a few pieces.

Fries and a shake to MS for not slipping the date to Q4!