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SQL 2005 Autogrow issue

See my 12/7 entry about database being in transition for some history...

Have a SQL 2005 box that occasionally decides to change the Autogrow method from 500 MB (64000 pages) to %, which SQL sees as 64000%.

Apparently, this is a known bug since the SQL 7 days:
Let me know if you cannot see the page...

The only workaround I've found is:
Alter Database MyTestDB
Modify File (name=mytestdb, filegrowth = 500 mb)

Problem is that this is generating 3am phone calls to the DBA team when Autogrow kicks in and blows out the data drive.


Supposedly this will be fixed in SP2.
UPDATE 6/4/2008 - SP2 does in fact resolve this issue




I have a customer that is trying to throw my DBA team under the bus for their server going nuts. By nuts, I mean all 8 CPUs pegged at 100%, causing the application to crash.

I'm very sympathetic to the customer issues, as this is an eCommerce site and they lose money when its not available...but please...

What my team did: Backup Database 'Foo'....

That's it.

Side issue: Their datafile went from 30gb of data in the file to 13 gb. I sat there and refreshed Enterprise Manager and watched it go down, thinking to myself "Good, they are purging some data." They deny it, and we'll probably get blamed for this too :P



Error 952 Database 'Foo' is in transition...

I have yet to find a reliable source of the definition of 'transition' in SQL Server 2005.

My customer had this error come up in conjunction with a database that got set to 64000% Autogrow and went nuts.

The only reference I found was here:

I used his resolution and it worked. This must be a horrible design issue when closing the client utility affects the availability of a database.

Ugh. No fries with this one, since the database was offline for 4 hours.

Please post a comment if you can explain more about this error to me...



Backup? Huh?

Them: Help...my t-log backups are failing on my new SQL 2005 database!

Me: Did you do a full backup?

Them: Ummm....oops. :)

Me: Happy Monday to you...