17803 errors all over the place....

We have close to 400 SQL Server instances to manage. Within the last month we are starting to see 17803 errors at least once a week on completely different servers, different customers, different hardware, etc. We used to get one maybe every 6 months. SQL 2000, SP4 + .2187 hotfix rollup on most.

Anyone else seeing this? I'm wondering if something at the O/S level is the commonality (assuming there is one).


Do what?

So....I've got this job that backs up the T-log every 15 minutes (SQL 2005). Works like a champ across all servers.

Out of the blue, it starts failing with a "No full backup detected", despite the fact that one occurred less than an hour ago. Its recorded in the msdb system tables and the file is right where the full backup job left it.

The customer had decided for reasons unknown to create a job that does this (every hour):

Use MyDB


I kid you not. And no...there is not a second file to EMPTY the log contents into.

For those of you new to the game, when you Truncate a T-log, the sequence is broken and SQL Server barfs on future log backups until you run a full.

Kudos to my co-worker (code name Freakshow) for catching this as I was headed to the ERRORLOG to see what was going on. He nailed in 10 seconds what would have taken me 7 minutes. And then he knew it was a new job while I was still reading the log. Scary smart, that dude.

No fries, but ketchup squirted all over that client.



Don't blink!

Customer: I want to free up space on my F drive
Kevin3NF: Shrink your 40gb log file to 5gb
Customer: Will that affect production?
Kevin3NF: No, it didn't.
Customer: Huh?
Kevin3NF: It's done. You want fries with that?

Sometimes they just pitch you a softball ;)