Katmai - First Impressions

I have just started experimenting with Katmai...thought I would post as I go :)

Mistake Number 1 - working in a VMWare Server environment on a 8 gb virtual disk...oops. The executable is 1gb, the extracted files 1.2, plus the bits laid down...chewed up all my space. Fortunately Win2K3 warned me before aborting the install. I had not selected all the features.

Cool thing - Tons of control over where the data and log files will go. This is particularly helpful to me as we build a lot of SQL Servers for our customers and almost always have enough volumes to spread the files out. You can choose locations for system, user data, user log, tempdb data, and tempdb log.

Cool thing2 - you can handle all of your service startup accounts in the install process and get very granular, or just choose one account and apply it across the board with a button-click.

Install is all I've done thus far...off to get the sample databases...


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