SQL 2005 Autogrow issue

See my 12/7 entry about database being in transition for some history...

Have a SQL 2005 box that occasionally decides to change the Autogrow method from 500 MB (64000 pages) to %, which SQL sees as 64000%.

Apparently, this is a known bug since the SQL 7 days:
Let me know if you cannot see the page...

The only workaround I've found is:
Alter Database MyTestDB
Modify File (name=mytestdb, filegrowth = 500 mb)

Problem is that this is generating 3am phone calls to the DBA team when Autogrow kicks in and blows out the data drive.


Supposedly this will be fixed in SP2.
UPDATE 6/4/2008 - SP2 does in fact resolve this issue


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. said...

This was indeed fixed in SQL 2005, SP2