So a customer asked me yesterday:

"How can I search all my DTS packages in SQL 2000 for certain field/table names? Peoplesoft patches sometimes change these at the schema level."

Answer: You can't, using any native SQL Server utility. The best you can do is save the DTS packages as a Visual Basic File (.bas or .txt) and either aggregate them or index them via some other utility.

Alternative Answer: DTS Compare from www.red-gate.com might do it, but I have not tested it.

Happy searching!



Oswaldo said...

Hi Kev, I'm a mountain and road biker also and also a SQL DBA. I am having the same problem as this article: http://www.sqlnewsgroups.net/group/microsoft.public.sqlserver.server/topic18807.aspx

I was wondering if you knew how to fix that Error Log problem...



Kevin3NF said...

The error log filling up, or the original problem, which appears to have been fixed by applying a hotfix?

Oswaldo said...

Kev, the patch did not work for me I already applied it and the log keeps growing...

Is there a way to limit the size of the errorlog?


Kevin3NF said...

run sp_cycle_errorlog and create a batch file to delete all files over a certain date or time old. If you limit the errorlog size, when it fills, SQL Server may decide to shut down.