Unsupportable...thats what you are....

With apologies to Nat King Cole :)

Database backup failing

Write on "D:\backup\MyDatabase\MyDatabase_20150208104103883_D.bak" failed: 665(The requested operation could not be completed due to a file system limitation) [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 3202) 

Hey, customer...let not put backups on O/S compressed drives please.

Oh...and why do you have your MDF/LDFs on the same drive...also compressed?

Resolution - punt it back to them and tell them SQL Server on compressed drives is unsupported config by Microsoft and by me.   Uncompress and expand or add a drive and uncompress.

Sheesh.  How many worst practices can you get in one server?


Monitor for blockings...

Short and sweet...

Ticket for error 1105.   Teammate response: No blockings on server, monitor 4 days.

Ticket for error 601.  Teammate response: No blockings on server, monitor 4 days.

Ticket for login failed.  Teammate response: No blockings on server, monitor 4 days.

I.  Kid.  You.  Not.

Someone needs to be fired.  Or congratulated for making me look like a SQL SERVER GENIUS!!!! by comparison.

That is all.



Wow...its been a long time since something went so sideways I felt compelled to write about it....

But don't mistake that for there not being any craziness!


If you are going to do a major upgrade to your very large database, please consider the following:

Not only do you not get fries, you now owe me some! (Waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A will be just fine, thanks.)

That is all.


OK...if all 3 instances on a 3-node cluster suddenly start "timing out", yet you can log directly in and query the databases...don't you think you should at least look at the network components first?

Especially when the errors are showing on the client and web boxen...



When to Modify Somebody Else’s Code

I was tagged by Brent Ozar on this question that has been floating aroung the Tweeterverse and blogosphere the last few days...

In keeping with the short-but-useful-or-amusing style of this blog:

When you have an OK in writing from the vendor or internal group that wrote it AND from the supervisor you got the approval from on your side.

Yeah...make darn sure your suggestion actually works before you even ask, do backups, keep scripts, etc.

Else you get no fries. You get fried. :)


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You did what?

This one comes from inside....

We got an alert that the Log Shipping was out of sync for a customer. Our front-line guy looked and saw that the LS Restore job was still running after 35 minutes when it normally takes less than 30 seconds.

He decided it was hung and cancelled it. Restarting the job caused immediate errors.

Why? The restore was working on a 1.4 gb t-log backup file, instead of the normal 4-5mb. Cancelling it puts the database in a suspect state. had to drop the db and re-initialize from a full database backup.

Ugh. Glad it wasn't any bigger than 7gb...since the file/restore had to move halfway across the country.

No fries for you "M from M"...you owe me some!

Disclaimer: this is a pretty sharp guy and I'm just harassing him here...




North Texas SQL Server User group

I live, work and play in the DFW area and used to be a regular attendee at the local user group monthly meeting. I was even a board member. The topics became increasingly over my head or out of my area of daily need, so I started slacking and eventually quit going altogether.

No more!

Tonight I start the first of 5 or 6 months of free Power Shell beginner classes that happen before the SSUG meeting starts, taught by a local expert. I don't even know what Power Shell is...some sort of scripting language is all I gather.

In addition, my co-worker Trevor Barkhouse is the presenter this evening. He will cover "Refactoring T-SQL Code for Better Performance". I've seen him do this here in the office to help a couple of our problem customers resolve nagging issues that were frustrating them.

More about NTSSUG


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